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Spring season CatBlog

2018 In Spring season Cat
White & yellow Cat 
Good luck to the cats in the world

Recently I began to recognize the world from a slight change but I could not recognize it. That is related to real human beings. I am convinced with the possibility of the fact which I have not seen though. It is inevitable to change. Humanity and the world of Microsoft OS, I think that I am aware of disturbing change. Shall I call it locust? Recently I played Gears of War 1, 2 of XBox 360 and have been influenced slightly by the view of the world of the United States. Would it not be a direct influence if we could, if possible? That is the United States

Day to cook pasta for a while and eat
Today the cat is peeping in from the side of the wall.
The room where the pulp enters does not enter my room.
From that day I was angry with a toilet in my room Of course it is light, but I will not enter or leave my room from that day.
Recently cat lucky is not energetic due to eye disease
It does not appear on the blog. With medicine to suppress eye inflammation
I have got a more strong anti-inflammatory eye drop
I have heard from the veterinarian that the eye pressure is still stable and there is no problem.

I feel fortunate even while feeling happiness

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By je-musu

Be a delicious bread and beef and experience a new OS Gather a glimpse of the world

Directly receive Western European culture
It seems to be a new world, though

It's not. It is close to the former

It will be work.

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