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Why are white people loved?

Why are white people loved?
Why are white people loved? A vague theme came to my mind. Why? I thought so. In fact I tried the secret to whom white people are loved. That is the result of my own values.

Frankly speaking, it is wonderful that English is the mother tongue first.
Its cultural accuracy is high and it has very excellent visibility.

First of all, in Japan I think that there were not many people who are familiar with the Caucasuses other than Christian from the Meiji Era. There might have been some trade and exchange between countries before that. However, the Shogunate culture which was forced to open the isolation country with the armed force in the Meiji era was culled out and the relationship with the instantaneous Western European world began. The Japanese should have had white products in trade before the 1500s. I often see tension when I see foreigners. I am also surprised when I watch a white woman from a teens regularly and see a white woman in my neighborhood apartment.
In fact, in Japan we live in, after all the Pacific War the whole culture of Caucasian came in.
Companies are franchisees of American products and British products, especially wooden antique furniture was popular in the UK. As the price is high, people's willingness to buy will gradually shift from British culture to reasonable culture of American culture. Familiar food is the hamburger which is the cheapest hamburger of Mac hamburgers and is eaten in Japan for 1 dollar.

I have been eating well since long ago. In the practice area for swimming there is a shop of Mac, and after practice we can eat hamburgers and potatoes, when I was a child about 3 years old, my entertainment was not swimming, it was Mac.

Women are beautiful first
Very cute, sexual clean and clean type,

Reason why people in the Caucasian area are likable also in appearance

Caucasians are tall, and originally the color of the hair is bright, the eyes of the eye are also blue eyes, or brown

It is a point that Caucasian is definitely likable. Enviably, somehow Japanese have become a popular culture by bleaching hair with young men and women and washing them with blond hair and brown hair. Even now it is extremely popular.

The beauty spot, white outline, small face, well-balanced face bones, nose height,

Everyone is admitting that DNA information, tall height, eyes color, hair color, skin color, white wine region splendor are most favorable to white people by Asians.

High sensitivity point of the third Caucasian human being Wonderness of the culture of Caucasus

And it is a wonderful product, history, culture which is born from English. Even if I say it, I have a history of winners. To say winners is exactly white people's people, naturally Ikemen with Ottoman white of white whorls is very popular. Outside the extreme people with violence
Products in the Caucasus are exactly brands In Japan until a while ago, the rich were rich Japanese in the UK with outstanding luxury brands. In competition, I bought the latest US and Caucasian products, everyone was Japanese monkey mimicry, and Japan was proud of sunglasses of Western culture. Of course it is no doubt that the culture of the white circle is excellent even if Japanese culture gets miserable.

However, the point that must be watched when engaged with Japan also exists in the winner's Caucasus region

However, the relationship between Japan and the Caucasian sphere until the Pacific War was also the defeat of the gods in the Japanese war. It was also a defeat of history. In other words, there is also the direction that there is still a shrine or the dangers that may be acting behind the antipathy on the one hand in Japan where the emperor system exists. Of course it will be partly from, but that is very dangerous.

Thinking of seeing white people in Japan

As for the information of caution, white men are superior to the impression of the moment when I saw the Caucasian after all. It seems that I have won the impression that it is a person who is somehow unlikely to win by many Japanese who are not aggressive. I am not ashamed, but it is not just a matter of strength. I think that there is actually the power to make it think that culture, DNA, personal connections, language, appearance, honesty do not want to be much competitive.

If you do not care white culture
Yes, it is loved by many already. In fact there is a feeling of tension when looking at the white people, but even if you lose in the war, favorite and respectful from the Japanese who prefer white culture area culture will be premised on you a lot.
The human race champion must always keep winning without hesitation. Of course there are a lot of excellent people for Asians. However, I think that you should be proud that everyone is admitting in your heart that your tens of thousands of years of history are better.

Today's Asian company's breakthrough is in the Caucasus region

Dell inspiron 2020 BIOS update failed Junk resuscitation Dell

Dell inspiron 2020 BIOS update failed Junk resuscitation Dell

Dell inspiron 2020 Desktop PC Windows7OA Maximum Memory 8GB Wireless Internet, with DVD Function Intel core 5 Release Introduced in 2013, it is a personal computer that can be active in the active role of 2013. However, the BIOS update failed and it became impossible to start every base. Actually the front owner said that CMOS (CMOS) clearance such as clear battery was also completed, after trying to initialize BIOS information with CMOS clear first after purchase, but after all it was no effect. It is not effective because rewriting the BIOS information with USBBOOT can not reach the BIOS setting screen. Jumper pink rear is a function in this model, so change the jumper pin plastic pin cover position 2, 3 to 1, 2 and change the jumper pin to shut down the current flowing from the base power supply and the battery, the BIOS information and RAM Attempting to clear also had no effect. Since it is second - hand good, it is the personal computer kept for a while because it is the most problematic (because the BIOS chip is attached to the foundation) to find and find a base for cheap.

dellinspiron base photo We kept the wireless card and video card, memory, battery, CPU removed.

dellinspiron base photo We kept the wireless card and video card, memory, battery, CPU removed.

As for the Dell inspiron 2020 foundation market as of 2018 as amazon it is about 90,000 yen, the main unit price on the junk base at ebay is about 2,900 yen (about 29 dollars), so to purchase from that amount to shipping fee shipping costs 3900 We need to add 5000 yen from the yen, we will search cheap auctions a little on Yahoo auctions and Mercari.

Dell inspiron 2020 base CPU part

Dell inspiron 2020 also has TV function
Of course, it is carrying. The actual image is mounted on a small green platform on top of the picture

You can see the TV tuner that removed the Dell inspiron 2020 base

dell PC power supply base receptacle outlet terminal insertion hole circular hole is good The interface is simple and also supports USB 3.0

Pet pleasure for dell lucky pet cat

Cats also seem to be excited about dellpc interestingly new overseas PC.

Is dell really the name of the president? Looks like healing

According to the wiki, dell seems to have customized the contents of the second hand personal computer in the boyhood and sold it to acquaintance, which became the source of the world biggest company dell company of the world three largest manufacturers It seems to be an idea.

And what's important is downloading a program that rewrites the latest program to the chip around the foundation CPU which can be installed That is the spirit of the very brain-like action called to remodel the president of dell president beforehand is inherite

I finally bought the foundation of the new Dell inspiron 2020!
I purchased a new article price shipping included 5450 yen at Yahoo auction. With this, dell can recover BIOS update rewrite failures that can be resuscitated

Depending on the situation, there is a possibility of becoming a spare Failure storage

Successfully exchanged the base of dell inspiron 2020 to a brand new
BIOS update fails to place boxes that will not move in a box

Personal computer screen which was activated by platform exchange

After exceptional infrastructure exchange naturally the image appeared on the liquid crystal screen of the personal computer. From here it was the beginning of a long battle

USB HDD boot

First of all, the problem predicted after replacing the infrastructure of the PC has to be set up the operation file because the OS itself is replacing the HDD with another second-hand goods. To that, Windows 7 of Microsoft official page which wrote to USB or DVD from another personal computer. Or you have to change the boot order in the BIOS setting of the IOS file of Windows 10 and USB or DVD boot. Actually I challenge, but it does not start. So there is no Windows 7 or Windows 10 installation disk I will set up startup from Microsoftvista DVD on hand. Setup is complete and dell
I install wi-fi driver from driver DVD but wi-fi does not work due to compatibility problem between OS and driver. Originally you can install Windows 7 data directly from the official Microsoft page if you can directly connect to wi-fi or Internet router from here (if you can display official website in the Vista version of course internet explorer) other ways I will try. Attempt to boot external HDD by installing data of Windows 7 or Windows 10 to HDD.

Blue screen

Actually trying to play HDD or USB data on Windows failed. It was not possible to open the IOS file in the first place. However, it was possible to open using freeios opening software, but it was not possible to display capturing data with the display saying "This computer does not work". After several failures, I notice that USBBOOT installs from Microsoft official on another computer, chooses the item to create USB in the displayed installation window of windows 10, and creates a USB startup file.
We will start dell inspironn 2020 immediately with the completed file, but as soon as we booted up successfully we prioritized the priority in BIOS settings and succeeded. However, like the image below it will be transitioning to blue screen. Blue screen is a fatal screen meaning windows 10 update or installation failure. It is a failure if it can not return to the initial state of troubleshooting or saved windows 10no from that screen. If the environment such as the driver necessary for installation is prepared due to a simple update failure, you will know that if you install the Windows 10 program on the PC again, the blue screen problem will be solved.

The dell installation disc found

The cause is the driver. The official driver of dell inspiron 2020 that can run on Windows vista is also required for installation. However, it is a driver that can not run in vista.
I finally started DVD setup directly from the installation disc of the dell product. Programs that gradually worked normally successfully updated the base chip update program and drivers, and started to operate without problems. Failure in rewriting the Bios update often requires base exchange or it is possible to take out the BIOS chip from the foundation and rewrite the BIOS information if there is expert knowledge and a dedicated lighter machine for rewriting Bios , You must first melt the solder to remove the BIOS chip and remove the BIOS chip from the board. In that way, the recommended repair method is the foundation exchange examined from the price range. If there are problems with the base (including minor problems such as dust), it is not a problem if you replace it with a new one if problems can be solved with the problem of the memory itself, the liquid crystal itself, or the foundation. In the United States, I hear that there are many cultures that will be abandoned immediately if the personal computer breaks. However, at that time, exchange of infrastructure or exchange of troubles deepens understanding and attachment to personal computers, it also becomes a measure against global warming. A broken personal computer that is destined to become a waste will regain new level performance in a simple way and will be your long partner.

dell inspiron wi-fi chip driver installation

I can connect wirelessly to the internet environment safely and recover the original function dell Inspiron 2020

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A copy of the cat's life meeting with you Time to spend with a happy cat

A copy of the cat's life meeting with youTime to spend with a happy cat

Cats Now they are going out with humanity for tens of thousands of years and the representatives of wildlife actually living with humans are cats and dog's two big pets will continue in the future. Cats are basically easy to keep, there is a habit of cats whose dog-like discipline is prohibited. Cats are very cute, but in a estrus period they have a unique habit of giving out voices calling out and wanting to go out. A cat has female cats coming home after being pregnant outside when not braving and estrus habits of marking in the house. I was very embarrassed to mark clothes and bets in my room when I bought a cat

Care of breeding cats
Do not hit a cat, the cat is small and weak.
Be sure to insect insects and insects by a cat's doctor
A cat is a mysterious animal, it quickly appears as a whim and leaves quickly, suddenly goes out and suddenly comes back. I am on the knee when I am watching TV. It is cute when you are amenable and touched with touching it! It becomes a warm feeling, it is a cat blog that recommends life with such a cat. There are many kinds of cats that are rich in type of cats and have become hybrids with proper flow of breeds and breeds. Cats breeders are thriving around the world and are also very big economic markets. Many blogs were posted in Japan since cats became popular, and there were many times when audience ratings were available with popular commercials and TV programs. Cats are also popular for the lives of the citizens as well as being prepared until the cat's day. Living with humans has a long time together. The impressive thing is that photographs of German battlefield soldiers giving precious food to the cat during World War II and camping together, and photos soldiers are playing with cats during the holidays on the battlefield, I was surprised at the actual picture. The war killed, but the spirit of a soldier who is healed and the cat heals, that gap caught my heart. Cats are not cool, cowardly and casual creatures, they are lovely creatures returning a lot of love to those who forgave their hearts. I am also fascinated by a cat, life with a cat gives rich emotions and perception. I think that it is surely your hidden fans as much as you buy, and will be a partner.

I will pretend to be pretty when I want to take it easy
Cats are very fickle. I hate being touched when I do not want you to be careful, I will set it up when I want to take it.
At the same time it would be very good to buy a dedicated house for cats sold by Amazon etc. It seems to be cozy and like an environment like a hideout.

Indoor keeping lives longer
The cat keeps the indoor keeping longer. And cats can not be locked in one room indoors and outdoors, in places without toilet they can endure the toilet and become urinary cystitis causing urinary stones. You are required to enter and exit the toilet and drinking place with the freedom of movement of the cat.
In addition to being careful not to let the cat out of the room to keep it outside and outside, if you close the door of the entrance suddenly so as not to put out a cat trying to escape from the entrance, the cat is caught and died There is a danger of getting on. Another point to note is that cats sneak into the trunk of the car and the engine part, sleeping at the engine part of a car that has invaded from the back of the car and is stopping, when a human moves a car, it dies instantly In order to avoid a catastrophe it is necessary to activate the car carefully under the car and inside.

Have a veterinarian give an injection of mosquito malaria prevention

Cat ticks, flea prophylactic injection

Cat's toothpaste
Cats of smaller size than humans are delicate in their mouths,
Mouth care items dedicated to cat's mouth are sold on Amazon
The cat also becomes a very important care because dental calculus will accumulate and become a tooth decay.
It is also effective to paint gums gently with a stick or the like.

Popularity of cats
The popularity of cats in the world has been very high from long ago but in Japan the popularity exploded from the first half of 2000, catwalk blog became very popular in Japan due to popularization of windows XP. Even now cat pet popularity is high and it is loved all over the world. In Japan, cat blog rankings are high for very high animal blogs such as FC 2 blog, ameba blog etc.

Myths of cats around the world, legend

Japanese cat myths 
Cats live cats for over 20 years and become cats.
A cat tries to kill and fucks her seventh generation

United Kingdom Ireland
Kettse 's cat, a cat' s legendary fairy, came from the legend of the real white - king 's king, with the old myth of the cat' s king that brings good luck to people when loved. There seems to be speculation such as.

Myths of Egyptian cats and royalty
In the Egyptian region cats are sacred, there is a myth of a cat that is closely related to the king as a cat mummy is discovered from the king's tomb. It seems that cats were also high-level creatures worshiped in ancient times.

Microsoft Github
The well-known Github, which Microsoft acquired, also symbolizes the cat's mark. Cats are loved all over the world.

Cat meal
Cat meal is basically a problem with cat food. Cats are often killed by kidney disease, so cats fed with kidney disease measures are required. Be sure to keep the sanitary condition clean, and give the bird's scissors etc for the container of the cat food. Besides fish bones and bird bones are said to be dangerous and avoided is said to be better. Basically, human salty taste and sauce with sauce etc. are seems to be painful for salty and additives to cats. It is unlikely that you can not give food such as green onions, crabs and shrimps, which is not good with vegetables. To cause poisoning
I think that it is very good if there is a cat food of the tuna and cod of the cod

About cat's illness

There are many diseases of cat's eyes. In cases of traumatic eye diseases and cats' blindness resulting from aging, there are many risks of blindness even in surgery, and there are many cases in which the cost of surgery is high in many cases.
As for Staphylococcus and rudimentary level, wind is drawn, and it seems that risk of kidney disease is also high, so salt should basically choose a discreet bait. You should consult the veterinarian immediately observe the situation that the color of eyes changes, trying to scratch the area around your eyes with your fingers.

Communication with cats
Cats can feel that they have a cat if they have a very sensitive creatures and have a kind of emotions similar to humans. And it should be noteworthy to give emotions of high affinity as human beings, and to share a space with peace of mind. Emotions of cats reveal various emotions such as fear, tension, sadness, happy, relaxation, fun, normal heart.

When you have a cat and you want to rejuvenate it is best to have a skin ship in a warm space with a cat who came to play in the room, and to spend time together. I can have many warm intelligent communications with them over the years. Well, I guess there is a compatibility with a cat that is much cheaper than a poor human. When I spend such time, my cat also makes a relaxing sound as a voice with a very happy look.

Cat's lifetime
It is said that it is around an average of 15 years, but in fact it is about 10 years old as the average life expectancy? If a cat is a stray cat, it dies in 3 or 4 years, mostly dead in a traffic accident. When buying a cat, you should make sure that you do not let it go outdoors in places where there are many car streets nearby. In the Guinness Book of the cat, it seems that a cat living in the white-sphere and living 30 is real. It's longevity

How does it feel when a human and a cat live 

When a human and a cat live together, the cat first gains in actual life. If you are concerned about a cat's pill, a cat makes a sofa for a pussy, a cat breaks down, a cat becomes sick, a cat breaks a curtain, I guess what you are doing at the beginning , Cats can not hate for some reason, will gradually train with voice. Then I came to attend a veterinarian, and there are many pet companions there. Then you will have a cat's cat food and cats will come to play and sleep together when you go to bed in the bedroom. The cat is


Videos playing with cats

Cat pet cat eating lucky food

Cute barks of a cat

A cat pleased to be stroked

Reunion of soul of man and cat

Cats picture 
Cat's cartoon worksbook

See you again

Memorial spending time with cat Lovely life time of human and cat

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RSAI Mr. Fritz William of the Ancient Royal Family Association, Kingdom of Ireland ReconstructionRSAI古代王族協会フィリッツウィリアム氏、アイルランドの王権復興

RSAI Mr. Fritz William of the Ancient Royal Family Association, Kingdom of Ireland Reconstruction


When Ireland is called Ireland, in the modern history there is an impression that said the independence war to the British Empire, the king of the cat, the legend of King Kettis, the Caucasian region whose decreasing in the transition to the British territory as population, the former power of Western Europe.

Link to the imaginary face expression officially imagined by former RSAI president

The Irish Ancient Royal Society was established in 1849 as the Kilkenny Archaeological Society, thanks to the supporters of the enthusiastic Caucasian white family.

Priest Philip More and several artists

A collector who is interested in medieval antiquities, seems to have started mainly by Protestants, Catholics.

Kettse Kingdom

Their aim is that it is a non-religious, non-politically examining doctrine of any Irish ancient literature, letters, etc.
They are the Royal History Archeology Association of Ireland in 1868

I heard that I moved the headquarters of 1890 to Dublin.
In the historical 18th century Georgian center of the capital Dublin

I know this, in the Middle Ages Georgia and the Macedonian Empire etc
It was established as one country at that time by success.
However, although it is just a game, the present British Philip

Regarding the coalition with the Macedonian Empire who was also an ally of Greece who was born, Georgia is drawn as an enemy in the Japanese retro game fire emblem.
Is it actually just a depiction as a game?
Is it a strategic portrayal of Japan? The actual state is unknown.

Was there actually a war with the UK at that time? At this point I do not have knowledge.
Western culture that I know from Japan in 2018 has not been considered deeply in many cases.
By the way, Irish royalty Kettsey (cat fairy king)

Was also drawn as a cat, was not it actually a royal family with a great history?

Of course in the age of the Old Testament by the Middle Ages it was the human revolution, or the king of a human being who lost the place by losing the war in the European countries of course?
Even such a question comes to mind. It's a fascinating story.
Of course, now there is something reconciliation, an understanding of respect for respect, and it is a story of the place

It is needless to say that my interest in the mysterious history of the Irish kingdom and the British sphere, which is gradually from now on, continues.

Of course there is no doubt that it is now a Catholic sphere (attention to the Caucasus region * it is a yellow race and it is a Christian without any violence and is described as meaning to avoid authoritative, protagonist attitude)
In Europe, the impression of royalty and Catholic faith is absolutely impressive, but in Ireland, the neighboring country of the United Kingdom, Japan also frequently speaks of a dictionary by the report of the capital of Ireland Dublin, its frueness itself I am in an international environment Because it did not have the opportunity to touch, it was a fact that overseas news does not come with pins. But in recent years global companies such as Twitter, フ ェ イ ス ブ ッ ク, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and others have made progress, and overseas have come to the pins that have never been traveled abroad.
However, as a matter of depression Japan knows that in the Second World War British Commonwealth

Hit by, it is entering Japanese society near 70 years after the present war.

So, for example, in the name of the British royal family that appears in games or manga

There were occasions when some Japanese social welfare workers had no choice but to feel the opposing emotions of multiple veins. (For example, Shonen Jump Continuous Silver Bulk, Name of Dairy Stallion 3 Mare and Its Price) However, beforehand the white circle is wonderful before how some pulses of Japanese wealthy people say personally Is not it? I can not help feeling the impression that I said so










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A documentary about a little cat buddy at a corner of a record world that lives with a cat

A documentary about a little cat buddy at a corner of a record world that lives with a cat



Two cat's houses were set up in our house. They have a cold fall and winter here. If you have two cats, the younger one does imitate the bedding, and two beds are needed for the cat's life to become active.


Sleepy cat reflected in the mirror

The cat's house purchased at Amazon, a place to hide instinctively is necessary to make a cat feel comfortable and healthy. The figure can not be seen from the surroundings, it will not be attacked by enemies, there is no problem in the temperature, the place where it is dry, the place where the cat is relieved, the place to avoid danger by instinct, I will take a rest.


Cat's Hinode Bokko

Surely I sometimes enjoy my sunny bokko My cat
きっとたまには日向ボッコをそっと楽しんでいる 私の猫


Purchase another cat house at Amazon



I do not know if I will be going out with us in this adorable form an aged cat anymore, but I think he came to see me
もう高齢猫 いつまで愛らしいその姿で我々に付き合ってくれるのかは解らないが、彼は僕に逢いに来てくれたんだと思う

Surely human beings and animals exist and souls are different, but my soulmate of the soul was a cat. Maybe it's pretty important to think of what kind of cat it used to be at the soul level long ago.

Cute Kitty Mr. blog registration Thank you





 Safari 言わずと知れたMAC標準OS


Googleブラウザ 言わずと知れた高性能ブラウザ




iTunes音楽アプリ DLした音楽再生はこちらで可能

タップしてONにするだけ おススメです。





APP StoreOSインストールもバッチリ
タイムマシーン機能 外部HDDへデータ保存も



Numbers 表データも十分に可能
チェス機能 標準のCPU対戦やオンライン対戦が可能


Android Studio ゲーム開発

Xcode アプリ開発





RootOttwa 2ndシュミレーション建築、言語、肉体の出来と歴史で劣る黄色圏

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