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無料で物凄い3D動画CG動画が作成できるUse blender in Japanese. Free 3D de software

無料で物凄い3D動画CG動画が作成できるUse blender in Japan

  • 無料で白人系ソフトウェア
  • 無料でCG作成、3D動画作成
  • 無料で高品質のアニメーション作成


ese. Free 3D design software is a quality that can be created from knowledge 0






Although it is impression that it requires effort to use. In the modern society in recent times, it is necessary for management to do what everyone can do, bloggers could not display blogs without HTML and CSS even a while ago. 

However, due to the emergence of excellent management, blogs have made it possible for people's enjoyment and intelligent hobbies, business and self appeal. What we need is management, we do not have knowledge or experience crisp people can remember easily and I think that it is the key to management and software 's care












Fire HD 10 tablet, Alexa handsfree, 10.1 inch 1080p full HD display, 32 GB, black - Special Offer
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The future of America and the Caucasus region Think about the future of America and various nations in a multinational country

The future of America and the Caucasus region Think about the future of America and various nations in a multinational country

Hello I am drinking a tea straight tea today. I am in a yellow racial nation with a good impression of American products. I have a question now in America, Britain, Caucasus. It is the policy of the US domestic or domestic managers. Even if I do not study economics very much, even HP of America, DELL and Google equip Korean memory to personal computer, production is done in China or Korea and we are in Japan. Management is Japanese in case of Japanese corporation. There, I pose a question to think, perhaps there are a lot of young people and middle aged people who can not buy a new computer in your country? Of course the country has a variety of history, as it is unknown to you, there are historical problems of various family lines in my existent state, sometimes government officials, people who do not go well with the presidents of big companies It will be more. So people who fall into poverty have several reasons, but even in disabled people, employment is employed by large companies, even in recent economic society. It is a free barrier system based on European leadership. In the case of economic difficulties in a small country due to various problems including human relationships, it is not possible to buy a personal computer where many excellent people are mediocre in the US or Europe, there is no monthly income of 200,000 yen, think at that time There is a thing. If you consider the war of the world coming soon, even if you are a billionaire, the race of the soldier who fights as your side is determined in advance. President Trump 's supremacy of white is the theme of crisis. In the history of white people, there are many key points such as revolution, change of dynasty, war on freedom, etc. However, even if it is not possible to trust because it is close in the same race, it will come out, but your favorable ally It is the race who has talked about the same skin color as yours, the words of the English speaking world, and has existed with you long as a long history. Of course, the Caucasus is popular, so many races will be favorable. I am also favorable. However, is it not allowed to invade heterologous invasion, hidden in the diversity of society today, human rights problems? Invasive forces against the Caucasian sphere became powerful in each nation to survive even when presenting stringent conditions and systematically resolve. A good example was Japan, the Pacific War, the prewar Imperial Japanese Empire became flourishing in the restoration faith, and made belief in caste which has already become ambiguous. A great investment from developed countries was done in Japan with some strategy to UK Japan. And the small island which was the lower part of Chinese for many years sent down the Chinese emperor in the Sino-Japanese war. Why did you buy it there? That is because the conscious powers of the Caucasian sphere worked.
Fighting aircraft, Portuguese trade boat guns in history, were powers from the Caucasus.
The Asian strengthened the army instead of paying the money. And in Japan the mighty caste was acknowledged and the army became strong. And Pearl Harbor (historically naive) suddenly attacked the mainland of the United States suddenly. The system will be the current system of Japan, the former Kyushu power of the Kyushu Dynasty and the Meiji Restoration, since about 1800. It is also the religion of Japan. 1 Although faith which took hostility against religion is not state religion now, it is very popular. However, it is important that businessmen take numbers. However, Asia has imitated the world's technology as a result of a lot of economic leaders who are not considering the possibility of racial struggle much. There are many PCs and military technologies inferior to overseas PCs in performance in Japan. Well, it is said that Japan had planned big sales that sells protonium nuclear power that had suffered great damage in the accident of the Tohoku earthquake tsunami Fukushima nuclear power plant in the accident occurred in Japan and actually thought about sales negotiation. In other words, what we propose here is that development, manufacturing and sales of white-rim area equipment should be done in the Caucasus for over 80%, then US citizens with economic difficulties and European refugees will take on the job of becoming a nationwide personal computer You will buy. Then Asia will not come as US products as before, the technology may soon inferior. In addition, global conferences and research workers are problems, and we can increase the stock and superiority of technology to the Caucasus.

A huge town in the Caucasus that is at least historically or even competitive now should keep ridiculous white preference more than President Trump to keep superiority as it is in today's society, Production activity should consistently produce household appliances and household goods only in their own country or in the Caucasus region even if lowering salary is necessary for historical friends who may want to work even if the cost is lowered in the Caucasus I think there is.

Thank you for reading.

Touch Smart300-1120PC I got an all-in-one PC

Touch Smart300-1120PC I got an all-in-one PC 
Windows7HP OA

Product image here, PC manufacturer 

For introductions of parts parts, if you want parts, please contact from the inquiry window

The HP junk product with shipping cost reached the appearance in good condition. Wireless mouse and wireless keyboard also arrived with a box. The product key of Windows 7 home edition is also attached. Of course, the cloth of the display is also attached. Fault location being confirmed is not reflected in the display The start error

Although energizing is possible and the power button can be used, the power button does not light up when the power is turned on. The blue light on the bottom turns on. The fan is spirlingly rotating spontaneously. HP Smart Touch 300 can be operated on touch screen with screen. Unfortunately the music unit is a DVD unit. In addition, the CPU is equipped with Android. You can watch terrestrial digital TV by connecting with tuner. Product features are all-in-one.

Mouse and keyboard that can be used by radio are operable in clean condition

Manuals and cloths are mounted in the box.

Since HDD is not attached, connect the external HDD to setup and see the state. Actually CPU startup is not done

I removed the HDD mounter. The inside is cleaner than I expected.

Image taken from the interface and the cover panel removed. If you purchase HP 300 in the US or EU region and disassemble it and do not understand it, I want you to see it. There are plenty of steel fixed fixtures quite often in many places and may often be forgotten in the first look.

The cause of the malfunction is that there is a problem with the display - the base on the upper right of the back of this main body. The LED indicating the failure is lit.

HPsmarttouch 300 This is the image of the main foundation. Two memory slots are genuine and comes with 2 GB. The two fans were not so dirty and the CPU was sound. At this point there is no mind to repair by all means so we give up exchanging parts and disassemble.

Remove the CPU, fan, memory, video card, and collect the HDD mounter and connector. Since the possibility that there is no problem on the base also the main base is high, I will remove it. Currently the case parts are sold online.

The place where the dirt of the HP 300 was bad was the lower part of the power supply unit. Large fans gather moisture, gather dust by magnetism, loading on the lower power supply unit is concerned with the structure of the stand type personal computer.

It seems that the foundation has also been removed. At this point, only the power supply unit is attached, only energization is possible, electricity without going out has been thrown from the power cord.

Remote control was attached in a brand new condition. Manufacturer of the attached battery Phillips Currently I am online selling.

We are selling exterior cover panels. It was a severe personal computer for the unexpected appearance. Please refer to this article for troubles, repair of HPsmarttouch by all means. Manufacturers prioritize the income of repair, basically do not teach how to handle faults too much. In YOUTUBE, you can check the state of lighting of electronic parts in case of personal computer failure. The light which notifies the failure part of this electronic part is also installed in Sony's TV base. If it is the circuit that actually detects the error in the circuit, it tells by lighting the foundation device.

DC12V 1.20A

PEGA P/N:0A02-00370H2
HP P/N:530411-001

CPUheater OOHV

HP P/N#=573622-001
RT3092 WPER1200GN

The power part of HP 300 - 1120 is surrounded by an iron panel, and it is composed of a capacitor and a coil on the base inside.

The speakers that are attached to the left and right are the ordinary type to connect to the base with a connector.

USB connection devices can also be connected directly to the foundation.

Since the BIOS does not respond, I tried repair boot by connecting the DOS file via USB but it was impossible after all. I thawed it from a Mac but it was useless

Calling the BIOS with the keyboard This model can not communicate with the F10 or Windows button and the 8 key power start simultaneously pressed, it is useless due to motherboard failure.

Even when the power supply does not turn on due to the defect of the base, other Fan and DVD drive, power supply energizing lamp is attached, but the BIOS is not running, the screen is dark, in such a case there is still hope , Other power supply defects, CMOS battery exchange (CR 2032) and easy contact with static electricity or charging cord is easy, but the error of the foundation is difficult if there is little professional level knowledge.

As a result, the HP Smart Touch integrated PC 300-1120 of this time turned into parts. There seems to be many inconveniences in a monolithic personal computer, as CPU seems to have many interlocking motions.

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Toward cat lover around the world

Toward cat lover around the world

AM: 8: 00 GOODDAYS I have often written in Japanese, but blogs will be delivered mainly to the standard prefecture English-speaking countries around the world. FORTNITE has won a little victory with AM800 GOODDAYS account name. If you see it on play, please get along. Basically AM: 8: 00 GOODDAYS started with the mysterious animation of the cat. I wrote it in Japanese as I mentioned earlier. But the testimony of 44 forces non-artificially to the body and the organization of life
As I appeared I had a question and decided to send it to the English-speaking country.

The name of the cat is the lucky European region standard and is named fortune. Is it about 16 years old this year? Although it is an elderly cat, it is fine until the right eye suddenly turns blue. Currently I am treating my eyes while treating my eye drops.

In the hot summer of 2018, considerable casualties were taking place in the summer peculiar heat in Japan. Unlike us, cats are poorly regulated in temperature, so they prefer a cool place and they are right under the fan. When I make an appeal I respond and I stretch a lot. As you can see the light gray and white are fine but the character is calm and it seems to be a cat with a high IQ. The usual meal is food and water for Royal Canaan and chicken cat packs. Because water is hot, I will change summer season considerably.

I wrote it on my blog several times, but I met him when he was a stray cat with cat lucky. When I woke up in the morning when I came back to the country after I finished Tokyo life, I discovered it next to my house. At first my mother came near me with grilled fish of salmon when I was feeding a cat when I was feeding. He caught my fish while alarming. I took him home as he was eating bait. Although he was surprised desperately despite having caught a cold, I was pretty with a small body about three months old. I kept a cat.

Another cat is a pulpa mysterious painting of a pulpy cat so I am a name parent. Palpa also found a vacant house near my house and when I had lots of cats I found it at the factory's night shift and invited him to his house by trap. Although he was friendly at first. When I grew up I got angry because I got lucky to bite as often as I could with less trouble. Then he began to warn a little. Since it is originally a stray cat alarming is strong and you can see a somewhat rough side.

Basically the inside may not be good, but they brush each other hair and sleep closely with each other when going to bed. And the cats were also expressing the antique mysterious picture as the name of the mysterious painting of Palpa. It is a mysterious picture of a cat introduced with animation. It was an antique antique in the country of a sleeping lion created in ancient China indeed. The name of the author is unknown, so it is a country where the Chinese emperor who exchanged with the royal family of Britain and the world existed. The mysterious picture that I thought as if it were mystery of China as it is, in fact when including me, the European

I already had the truth I was not ashamed, but I doubted every case on this subject, I doubted every case. However, the mysterious picture of a cat who thought that was impossible was reality. I am going abroad, so returning, there is a section that is told as if it is the correct truth.

That is the number of my life, leisure with Leo and 44 Code I think so now. It is because he gave a hint to sustain the president of Trump, because he was aware of the lion 's Code in time at the time.

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FORTNITE strategy blog trick technique funny play Henry of FORTNITE expression

FORTNITE strategy blog trick technique funny play Henry of FORTNITE expression


The eye of Providence's drawn dollar bill Egyptian brown race god is alive in FORTNITE.
Paradise Barmes
There are two small tombs on the back side. There are no special hidden keywords nearby.

Bronze statue of LAION 

King, Russia, statue of the white of the white who exists in the European region, recently Japan's rich man has built a statue on the shrine for some reason even in Japan. In the case of Japan it is obviously funny that it may be unpleasant feeling tappuri.

statue, the famous Moai statue of historic Easter Island will also appear in FORTNITE. There are many treasure chests under Moai. There are also many warp zones in there.

mysterious FORTNITE mascot
Lama is a treasure chest holding many kinds of items you know. This creature looks a bit like Unicorn.

FORTNITE's evil fox
It looks quite disgusting as a bronze statue of a Japanese shrine
Costume, there are a lot of strong players using this costume

FORTNITE strategy
We are ongoing to attack. I am not familiar with advanced players yet so I will introduce techniques that I can use.

The strategy in the sniper battle with 50 VS 50 builds a house with defense construction and raises the block on the back one step at the time of the sniping battle. Then you do not have to be targeted from behind. I am aimed especially at the sniper rifle battle because it is sniper from far away so be careful. Also the battle in the close battle with the sniper rifle will be better for the close match at the jump shot. The early stage can be knocked out with the collection tool. In that case, we attack as we jump to ensure that we do not face each other at the front. You will be impatient if you do it in a narrow place.

AM800GOODDAYS is participating in FORTNITE in IOS version. If you meet in the game, please get along


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