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I wish you a small happiness discovery 2018 April 16 Nippon Kanto region cat and me.

I wish you a small happiness discovery 2018 April 16 Nippon Kanto region cat and me.

The eyes of the cat did not recover but it was cleaned with a shower.
He lucky always dried on the veranda.

Cat food
It is Royal Canaan that my mother purchased for his aged old man. It is necessary for kidney function recovery.

ロイヤルカナン 療法食 腎臓サポート ドライ 猫用 2kg

Oops, you must not forget him either. It is a star of our cat. The name has returned to Palpa since last year.

Mercari Recycle
This was the property of my relative, but I got a sale permission
It sold on the same day.

Tom and Jerry
It is a cartoon DVD animation that looks like Kettsey.
I'm sorry for being unable to see one eye.
Sleepy my lucky
I'm already sleepy because I am sleepy.

It is very cute. Palpa is also cute recently.
Because both of our cats are cats that are over 10 years old
I want it in peace.
There are people who are occasionally seeing my blog. Very recently I made pasta for lunch.
Yes! I am paying attention to my weight without being told.
I have been in April in 2018 and I think that everyone has experienced a lot of environmental change.
We introduced Windows 7 to the sub machine of the personal computer and until 2020 there is no problem with the aircraft. I would like to refer to various sites. Please paste your site URL in the comment field of my site there. I will definitely go.

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