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Cat's mysterious episode AM:8:00GOODDAYS

Cat's mysterious episode

Lighting Hiroki Okoshi

Cats telling luck
My name is Lucky.
One of the maternal trips to Suzhou, People's Republic of China in 1984
I hear that Suzhou is the Chinese continent surrounded by water.
It seems that Japan was established by an ancient Chinese traditional culture.
Maternal is Mr. Morita.

Ogoshi of Oshomuko is in charge of lighting.
In the first place, the mystery of a cat was completed by chance.
It was drawn within us without noticing it.

Suzhou will make Jingzhou's Liu table the leader around the year 200 AD
I think that it was on a lot of land.

This is a pamphlet of my grandmother and uncle's trip to Suzhou, did not he?

Chinese pamphlets contain esoteric kanji.

Like a drawn cat As played in the name of Suzhou
It looks like it revived.

Just at this time my grandmother and my uncle bought an antique for the mysterious painting of the cat
Cat's mystery episode 2 Done

This story is not fiction

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