Sunday, January 7, 2018

年末年始の猫日本の猫のブログ-Year-end and New Year holidays and cat's blog

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Year-end and New Year holidays and cat's blog

Year-end and New Year holidays and cat's blog

You ate soba at the New Year's holidays and spent the yearend TV on that day!
"Okay, that's where I am with you”
Originally when I was a teenager I spent at the end of the year at the end of the year,
Originally Japan's New Year can not go out in the Japanese style, spend eating at home, etc.



"Well maybe you are taking lots of photos?”

"As usual at the end of the year, as usual it's cute, Lucky this is cute!”「年末も相変わらずですが、可愛い!ラッキーこれ可愛い!」

"Oh, it feels like something, it's already so cute.”
「え?何か様みたいな感じです もうとっても可愛い」

Although it is New Year 's Eve, though it is soba, it is soba, but I thought that the year - over is Okoshi soba, but it was after all I tried googling. Okoshi soba, the picture below is homemade tempura soba.

This is also easy Japanese Osechi cuisine of the Japanese New Year 's classic dish
Black beans on the eggs Kamaboko with a few kids Sushi cooked prawns Tsukudani dinner table is a soup stock for rice cakes. It is unexpectedly delicious and tasty even for people overseas.
「こちらも日本のお正月の定番料理の簡単おせち料理ですね 卵に 蒲鉾に 数の子に 黒豆 帆立 焼き海老 佃煮 食卓は餅にお汁粉にお吸い物ですね。案外大味で海外の方でも美味しいお味ですね。」

It is New Year's poster. Of course, you know Japanese, but in Japan on January 1 stuck to the entrance
It is customs to greet the New Year.

This year 's zodiac, which is enjoying Japanese New Year with New Year' s "dog" year ago, but if I say a dog this year, is the ion hot? Ion WAON function echoes throughout Japan?

Introduction of cat events

Regardless of the purchase from advertisements this year please do not mind about Mercari exhibition



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