Friday, April 27, 2018

CAT DAY 新しい猫の家

The cat's house arrived from Amazon

(Amazon ukAD)

I immediately called my cat, Lucky.

When going there, I will put Matatabi in the bed of a cat for a good thought. To be able to become

Then the cat enters the bed immediately.
My expectation will succeed and it will be a bed of a happy cat.

It's a new home.

I sleep with a new house until the night.
You became a new home for your favorite cat.
Besides cats do not get into the new house without going into the house often, but this time the mattabi was used and my cat was smart so it got a good result.

AMANGU] ペットハウス ペットベッド 猫の部屋 トンネル型 クッション 猫ちゃん 折り畳み コーヒー色 オールシーズン 暖かい 可愛い 軽量 寝床 爽やか 犬猫用 洗濯可能 熱中症防



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