Sunday, February 4, 2018

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February 4 today strictly without doing anything
It is devoted only to cat hair repair and a little document production
It was a low density day.

Today is a day I want to do a blog up. What I think now is not a participation type blog is a core category with a very low stay rate. While seeing a really unique blog, I thought about various directions. That is, we should always create a site that is conscious of information. Aleksander's blog, in particular, is astounding about the outlook of bloggers all over the world and has created a channel that unifies Mr. Alexander's information. I ordinarily saw the royal site of the world secretly watching. Looking at the precursor

And I ate the famous octopus grill of the Kansai. Of course with a takoyaki machine

Because the seasoning on the commercially available trout flour had no chopped green onion, it was seasoned with noodles with tsuyu and the green laver and dried bonito were put in it.

It gets burned and gets delicious flavor.

I will spread the bonito and paint the sauce.
Delicious takoyaki was completed.
Since I was a boy, I liked octopus grill and I ate it well.

Tasty TAKOYAKI chain store GINDAKO link

And they will pat on the cat's hair,
I gave the cats the clippings of the national home electric appliances I used before.
White cat Rom Lom hated the suggested clipper, but if you do not cut the hair of the buttocks
Since the hair is dirty with the toilet, we responded today, but we can do a little, but we will do a little bit tomorrow.

Way of cats blog
It is a blog I happened to discover. It is posted on the site displayed on the top from the Google search engine. It will be like a blog village in Japan.

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I saw this cute product for the first time.


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