Tuesday, March 28, 2017

アジアワールドカップ予選 日本VSタイ


最終予選埼玉スタジアム タイVS日本!

FW 久保選手と酒井選手のアシストによるゴールデンコンビ

先ずは国家斉唱 両国君が代が流れます


Kimigayo wa ciiyo niii yachiyo ni
sazale isi nooo iwaoto nalite koke no musumade
*管理人は国家君が代に対して主義主張 思想はありません

試合開始8分頃 右サイドからローセンタリングパスから
日本 MF10番 香川選手が細かいドリブルの後、タイDFの足元を縫う様な
シュートで日本先制ゴール! タイのキーパー一歩も動けず!



前半20分FW9番 岡崎選手ショートセンタリングから二点目をヘディングでゴール!
前半17分頃 日本は左サイドから大きくサイドチェンジし其処からDFを交わし
左サイドへパス 其の後コーナーキックへ持ち込む

アジアワールドカップ最終予選では現在日本は三位 勝ち点を稼ぐため

前半戦33分 タイOFの鋭いシュートが日本ゴール右サイド

日本ゴール前OF DF団子状態へ突入!


前半戦 日本2-0タイで日本優位!



後半 12分頃日本エース14番久保選手へのボールが通った後の強烈なミドルシュートで三点目

後半戦 両チームの激しいプレーが続き


間髪入れずに日本ファウルでタイ10番のPK!キーパーとめたぁ〜嘘だろ?守護神川島選手! そして、Samrai日本チーム圧勝! ワールドカップに向けて侍ジャパン応援します!

From the right side from the low centering pass about 8 minutes after the game starts
Japan MF 10th Kagawa says that after finely dribbling, Thailand DF sews his feet
Japan 's first goal in shoot! One step in Thailand's keeper can not move!

 Actually I was a soccer club when I was in elementary school!

* Writing administrator
He said that he was the most disappointing from the director at the time of graduating from the football boys' group without going to the morning practice
There is a memory that was told. Bitter smile

First half 20 minutes FW No. 9 Okazaki player Aim for the second from the short centering goal.
In the first half of 17 minutes Japan exchanges DF from the left side greatly from the left side
Bring it to the corner kick after the path to the left side

At the Asia World Cup final qualifying, now Japan is going to earn third place winning points
Will the score be emphasized?

First half of the game 33 minutes Sharp shot of Thai OF is Japanese goal right side
Japan aims at a three-quarter position with a low-skill shoot but Japanese guardian Kawashima caught!

First half loss time also from Thail player corner kick
Japan Goal Go to OF DF dumpling state before goal!

It is brought to Thai team's throwing near the right side corner
Somehow Japanese DF finished the first half with the ball clear!

First half war Japan 2-0 Thailand in Thailand!

Kagawa players' first goal goal! Japan's 50th goal score

Asian football final qualifying latter half of the game
About the second half 12 minutes after the ball to the Japanese Ace 14th Kubo got through, the third middle point with an intense middle shoot

The goal net swayed greatly without reaching Thai keeper ball!

The intense play of both teams continued in the second half war

Asia football final qualifying Japan VS Thailand 38 minutes from the corner Japan Yoshida's fourth goal in the heading header!

Put a thriller in 10th in Nippon Foul without intervening! I kept it as a keeper ~ You're lying, are not you? Guardian Kawashima player! And Samrai Japan team wins victory! We will support Samurai Japan for the World Cup!

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